Access is available to all employees and students with an active status.

Signal coverage is about 90%. Devices with poor range can have problems due to wall thickness.

Faculty guests, who do not have access to Eduroam, may connect to the Wi-Fi name gostFF. The password can be requested in room 346.

First you install the client. Login data is same as for VIS.

Click here to download your eduroam installer ➤ University of Ljubljana ➤ Faculty of Arts ➤ Download your eduroam installer


If your device already has an existing Eduroam profile, it has to be removed, before the new installation is attempted.

System Preferences ➤ Profiles ➤ −


In Play Store find and install geteduroam, SURF Cooperative app. Run it, select Univesity of Ljubljana, Faculty of Arts or Students if you are a student. Enter your credentials.